C Cookbook

November 1st, 2007

I'm reading the online version of the O'Reilly C++ cookbook and so far its pretty good. I also added the C++ in a Nutshell book as a reference. Its VERY NEW stuff to me, but I definitely want to be become more familiar with C and C++ in time.

I've noticed some terms I am familiar with, but don't really "own" the understanding of yet, like mutex, threads, and declarations. Cool, it will be excellent to learn more about these concepts.

Thankfully there are a bunch of open source C and C++ applications I can delve into, from Apache to tntnet, I should be able to tinker away without too much trouble. In fact, my very first exposure to c++ was the throttle cat code posted to the gentoo forums which could be used for throttling Apache 2 via an external filter. The poster called it "poor man's throttling" which in a way it was. There are many ways to throttle bandwidth, and that's probably not the best one.