Trac MySQL

September 3rd, 2007

I'm planning to change from using SQLite to MySQL on my Trac installations. I'll have to learn more about python, but this page I found is a good start:

Trac Migration (SQLite to MySQL)

I plan to use the same multi-homing strategy I'm using for Wordpress, which won't work for SQLite for a couple of reasons:

  • No replication
  • No remote updates

For that strategy to work with trac, I'll need to figure out how to change the SQL host when updates occur.

I also made a sincere effort to find a reasonable workaround for the limitations of using fastCGI with trac, namely the trac home environment variable. I tried a bunch of different things (tried to get httphost in the fcgi script, but no go) and eventually used vhostalias to point to different trac.fcgi scripts using VirtualScriptAlias. It worked fine and should only require a little bit of maintenance.


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