The latest version of ejabberd in debian unstable is great! It simply works for me, even though I’ve had my share of frustrations with ejabberd in the past.

Some notes to share:

  • I use a dedicated server for ejabberd because it can be pain to configure and maintain. I use a low-power device for it and let it be.
  • Along those lines, I set the server up with network security and use the built-in user database system for convenience. The new version of ejabberd works great with Adium and other jabber clients which support registering. The goal of our setup is convenience, and I think we've finally achieved it!
  • I do use the web server that is built in to ejabberd, it is useful for registering new users if necessary, as well as monitoring what's going on. Since I use a dedicated server, I'm going to change the port to 80 from 5280. I tried changing the port to 80 but it didn't work for some reason. No biggy.

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