Here’s a perspective shot of the Little Valley, with some common items nearby to get an idea of the relative size.

Little Valley Height

One thing I wanted to know about the Little Valley was its height. Its doesn’t appear anywhere I could find in the intel docs, so I measured it. To the top of the heatsink / cooling fan it is 2”. Because the CPU is actively cooled, meaning it uses the fan, you’ll want to have the casing higher than that. How high? I don’t know, it would depend on the application and ambient temperature.

Little Valley SATA

WHOA! I just noticed that there are spots for SATA plugs at the bottom of the board! That is very interesting indeed.

Little Valley Power Connectors

Other things of interest, the board does have a 4-pin power connector in addition to the 20 pin power supply connector, unlike some other mini-itx boards.

"DUGLY" - The D201GLY Nickname?

In the spirit of the mighty slug (aka Linksys NSLU2), I propose we nickname the D201GLY the “DUGLY”. We have intel to thank for the terrific model number to build off of. :-)