My office recently upgraded the MDF room and installed a duct fan and a “Duct Stat TM” in-line thermostat to turn the fan on when the temperature gets too high:


As simple as it seems, I needed a little help getting it set up right, and found these Installation instructions and directions for Duct Stat Plug in Thermostat.

So, here’s what I did: <ol><li>Set power switch to “Auto Cool”</li><li>Switched sensitivity to “Max”</li><li>Twisted temperature knob until the fan turned on</li><li>Twisted it back until the fan turned off again</li><li>Finally switched the sensitivity to “Min” so that the fan won’t be turning on and off all the time</li></ol>

Let me know if you’ve had better luck with a different strategy. Thanks!

Power Info:

Thru-wall fan: 29 watts low, 40 watts high