I just signed up for O’Reilly’s Safari on their 10-slot bookshelf at $19.95 / month and I like it so far. I’m trying to decide what to put on my shelf and I’ve got a couple of ideas: <ol><li>Essential System Administration or UNIX Power Tools</li><li>Mastering FreeBSD and OpenBSD Security</li><li>Something to do with PHP</li><li>Something to do with Cisco’s IOS</li><li>DNS and BIND, 5th Edition DNS and BIND, 5th Edition - yes!</li><li>Essential SNMP, 2nd Edition Essential SNMP, 2nd Edition</li><li>MySQL Clustering or High Performance MySQL (by Jeremy Zawodny - I like his writing.)</li><li>Apache Security or Apache Administrator’s Handbook</li><li>Backup & Recovery</li><li>Apple Training Series: Mac OS X System Administration Reference, Volume 1</li></ol>

I’ll phase these in and see if anything else catches my eye. I’m surprised they didn’t have anything on lighttpd, at least that I could find.

One cool thing about Safari I like is that they have related articles online. I’ve already found several cool IBM Developer Works pages worth reading.