Hard Drive Notes

August 13th, 2006

SATA Raid 5 Setup

I use Seagate drives, and I just read on FatWallet and SlickDeals that many Seagate SATA II drives come with a jumper forcing them into SATA I mode, limiting their speed to 1.5Gbit/s!

I just checked our RAID 5 setup and found out we were set to limit. Ouch. I pulled the jumper and it started up fine, so now we're running at twice the speed: 3Gbit/s. Transfers over 1000Mbit Cat5 cables to my Dual G5 Power Mac are the same speed, however I bet this is due to the write speed of the SATA drive in my Mac:

My Mac's SATA 1.0 Drive:


My Mac Specs:

Dual G5 Desktop Powermac @

Doesn't matter though, there may be multiple people accessing the server at the same time. Along these lines, I've considered adding a second ethernet cable from the server to the switch, in hopes of adding more throughput. I think I'd have to bond the cards together.

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