Nokia770 Motorola e815 and VerizonWireless

April 29th, 2006

Tutorial and Howto Connect to the internet using the Nokia 770, Motorola e815, and Verizon Wireless

Actually, its pretty easy to connect the 770 to the e815, for connection to the internet via Verizon Wireless. Follow these steps to get going:

  1. Turn on dial up networking on the e815. Enter ##DIALUP into the phone quickly, you do not need to press send. If nothing happens, you must dial it faster. It will be easier to simply enter the numbers: ##342587. The phone will display a message saying that dial up networking has been enabled. You can enter the same command to turn it off, and then on.
  2. On the Nokia 770, open the Connection Manager tool.
  3. These next steps were what eluded me:
  4. From the drop down menu, select Tools - > Connectivity Settings.
  5. Click the Connections button.
  6. Click New.
  7. Give the connection a name ( I chose Verizon ) and select Packet Data, then click next.
  8. Then enter #777 as the phone number, and qnc s both the username and password. UPDATE - I just tried out the EVDO network, which you connect to using as your username and vzw as your password, and it is incredibly fast. I need to confirm that they are not charging for this before regular use, but it is awesome, up to 400kbps! /UPDATE
  9. When you are finished, you should be able to connect via the phone.
  10. The phone should report that a call is being made.
  11. While Verizon does not charge for this, your minutes will get used, so don't forget to disconnect!

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