Gentoo Notes

April 29th, 2006

Right now I'm thinking about how to convert from selinux to regular linux.

Also, I'm wondering how to convert from 64 bit to 32 bit.

Are these tasks possible without a total rebuild?

It doesn't look like this is possible. Probably not worth it anyway.

Amd64 runs fine on XEON processor, but I did run into a problem with ejabberd. The binary was looking for libncurses in /lib32/, but the only library my machine had was in /lib64/.

I essentially just downloaded the libnurses library from and manually compiled the library with "-m32". The gentoo folks advise NEVER to use this flag with portage, or you could seriously screw things up. The only problem I ran into was this:

ldconfig: libraries and in directory /emul/linux/x86/lib have same soname but different type.

Which is output when I try to run ldconfig.

Follow-Up to Gentoo Notes

I no longer use Gentoo for our servers. We still have two that we support, but I've since switched to debian.

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