Horde Horde is an open source group of applications, including a source code browser, an email client, and others.

PHP Security Admin PSA is a security and authentication system for PHP applications. It is relatively simple to install and integrate.

MetaStorage and Metabase Metabase is a database abstraction layer for connecting PHP applications to various databases.

PHP Bulletin Board PHPBB is an open source bulletin board system. PHPBB2 Notes?

The prospect of integrating GPL PHP applications

There are many over broad PHP applications, which do many things, but few things well. On the flip side, there are also many focused PHP applications which only do a few things very well. The problem here is that the focused PHP applications do not integrate with each other well - within the interface, or the database.

A potential solution to this problem is the integration of the focused PHP applications. There are some important questions to ask about this potential solution:

  1. Does the value of an integrated solution outweigh the cost?
  2. Does the cost of an integrated solution outweigh the cost of an original creation?

The second question there is complicated by the variables involved with an original creation:

  • Source code strategy (i.e. open source or closed source)
  • The risk of the original creation becoming another diluted, "does many things, few things well" group of applications