Entropy PHP Compile on Mac OS X

November 11th, 2004

Trying to get freetype2 to get compiled in. Using the fink install in /sw/lib. The build dir needs to be in Desktop/Sandbox/MACOSXPHP/ which is lame.

Now compiling on the laptop and it cant find the mysql header files. Using fink to install mysql-client, which requires a ton of other stuff.

Needed Sablotron, so I'm compiling that now manually, didn't like the expat that came I downloaded, so now I'm using the one that fink installed, which it seems to be alright with.

That seemed to work OK. Actually no it didn't work. Wow this is painful, mostly because I did it in a rush. Was using the extras from the php5 build. Let's hope this works now. Now Sablot it working, mysql is not. Installed new Mysql and am hoping for the best.

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